A Scuba Woman – Helping Senior Women Dive Confidently

I am a woman diving in my fifties. I am an Empty Nest Diver helping senior women confidently scuba dive – no prior experience needed! I see no age limit for scuba diving as I explore the oceans. Are you a woman scuba diver? Struggling with dive skills and feeling a little out of your depth? Are you a senior scuba diver looking for exciting scuba dives and ways to maintain your diving health? Are you considering becoming a scuba diver, unsure of the process or how long it will take to get PADI scuba certified? I have created a website for scuba diving women to answer these questions and more.

Welcome to Empty Nest Diver

I am a senior woman scuba diving. Learning to dive in my fifties has been both exciting and daunting. Diving has expanded my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined. I have formed relationships, traveled, found courage and strength, marveled at marine life, and dived the Great Barrier Reef. Like many scuba women, I have struggled with dive skills and dive gear, but I have also triumphed. Scuba diving and the diving community have changed my life for the better. Empty Nest Diver embraces female scuba divers of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Share my experiences as I help you and other senior women scuba dive, confidently. Discovering another world underwater while finding ourselves is an exciting journey we can do together.

It’s Never Too Late – TAKE THE DIVE WITH TANYA – Helping Women Dive Confidently

55 & Scuba Diving? Be Scuba Strong & feel like you’re 35 again.

I am a Scuba Woman. In fact, I am a Senior Scuba Diver. Learning to scuba dive at 55, I have decided age is just a number. My mindset is youthful, though my body does not feel quite so young. My mantra 55 is the new 35 when you dive is being tested. I would…

10 Essential Safety Rules to Become a Confident Scuba Diver

The underwater environment presents unique challenges and risks; divers can face serious injuries or even death without the right precautions. In this post, I list 10 essential safety rules that every diver should be aware of.

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Have you ever thought about scuba diving but were too nervous? I explore why it is good to learn to scuba dive at any age. At 55 and love being a senior scuba diver.

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Are you a woman scuba diver? Struggling with dive skills and feeling a little out of your depth? Are you a senior scuba diver new to the underwater world of diving. I have put together my 11 best tips to help you become a confident scuba woman.

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