I am a Scuba Woman – an Empty Nest Diver helping senior women scuba dive with confidence. Learning to dive in my 50s, I am part of a growing number of women worldwide starting their scuba diving adventures later in life. Together we are creating a powerful community as we discover life through the lens of a dive mask.

Sharing the joy of diving with other scuba women is an exciting adventure as we discover healthier lifestyles filled with travel and exciting experiences. Inspired, I am sharing knowledge about dive gear, destinations, buoyancy, breath control, conservation, and our beautiful oceans.

I am currently located in Yeppoon with the Southern Great Barrier Reef on my doorstep.


We all travel through our lives differently. Taking different paths with different priorities.  Many women in their 50’s are where I am.  We have raised families, pursued careers, accumulated things, had health challenges, dealt with family crises, and then we arrive here. Mid 50’s with a moment to breathe and knowing ourselves slightly better than we did at 18. 

We know ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to know where we fit. We want healthier bodies, more fun, and challenge and stretch our boundaries. We need to be ourselves, not someone’s mother, wife, teacher, employee, or boss.  Finding that space can be difficult. I have found mine in scuba diving and encourage you to do the same. It’s a beautiful journey we can do together.

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