The Cod Hole

As a scuba woman I talk about a Mike Ball liveaboard and diving with Giant Potato Cod at the Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Doctor Alastair Birtles: The Hero I Didn’t Know I Had

On a recent trip to the Ribbon Reefs for a swim with the Dwarf Minke Whales expedition, I met the lead researcher for the Dwarf Minke Project, Doctor Alastair Birtles. He became my hero overnight….and the PADI Blog agreed with me. Read about my encounter with the Dwarf Minke Whales and the very special Dr.…

The Ribbon Reefs

The Ribbon Reefs located on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. World class dive sites are accessible via liveaboard.

Senior Scuba Diver

I am a woman diving. I learnt to scuba dive in my fifties. Is there an age limit for scuba diving?

My first wreck dive

As a woman diving I am proving there is no age limit for scuba diving. I am in my fifties, my son in his twenties and my sister in her forties.

Cost of scuba gear

How much is scuba diving gear? I am about to find out. In this post I share my shopping trip to buy my own dive equipment and the associated costs of scuba diving gear.

Scuba Diving Grateful

Two years of diving has brought so much into my life. . I always say yes to opportunities to dive and I have been rewarded with unique experiences and amazing dives

Learning to dive

Are you considering becoming a scuba diver? Are you unsure of the process or how long it will take to get scuba certified? I learnt to dive at 55


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