7 Best reusable water bottles for the eco friendly scuba diver

A sea of plastic – save our coral reefs – ditch single-use plastics

Watching the world change rapidly before my eyes, I frequently ask what part do I play in the changes? I realize my actions make a difference to me, my community, and the world. I may not always get it right, but on my journey to being an eco-friendly senior scuba diver, I intend to live my life as sustainably as possible.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish my sustainability goals is to reuse items. A water bottle is a prime example. In America alone, 50 billion water bottles are purchased every year. One person changing to a reusable bottle from a plastic bottle saves 157 bottles from entering our landfills and oceans. Australia’s bottled water industry alone generates 60,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year, the equivalent of 13 000 cars! It gets worse!!

The damage the bottled water industry is doing to our planet just to satisfy our consumerism and need for convenience horrifies me. It takes 17 million barrels of oil to make one year’s supply of bottled water. That much oil could fuel 1.3 million cars annually or power 190,000 homes. As a scuba woman, I want to put an end to plastic.

The plastic problem can be overwhelming, but we can all make a difference with simple choices. A water bottle that is reusable, recyclable, and ethically manufactured with sustainable packaging is a simple way to combat the negligence of the bottled water industry.

7 Best reusable water bottles for the eco-friendly scuba diver

Consider your needs when buying a reusable bottle and where and how you will use it. Non-insulated water bottles tend to be lighter to carry than insulated water bottles. Obviously, insulated bottles will keep your water cold and coffee hot, but for how long? Do you want room for ice, a wide mouth or narrow mouth, with a carry strap or without? What size would you like? Does it need to be leakproof, functional or fashionable, or both? Most importantly, do you want a reusable water bottle to do good for the environment?

Fortunately, I have found the 7 best reusable bottle brands that are eco-friendly and practice sustainability.

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Plastic water bottles polluting the ocean
It takes 500-1000 years for plastic to decompose

What is the best reusable bottle brand?

As a senior scuba diver, I champion small companies producing eco-responsible products and protecting our aquatic environment. I support eco-friendly and zero-waste businesses that are advocating for our wonderful planet. I have chosen what I believe to be the 7 best reusable bottle brands. The brands below make stylish, high-quality reusable water bottles and are aware of their environmental impact. They are also giving back to improve our planet.
Scuba women can take steps to live sustainably by our choices as consumers. With the average person creating 400kg of waste yearly, consider refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling, and only replacing when necessary. Reducing waste is an excellent place to start on your journey to being an eco-friendly consumer. Reusable water bottles are one of the easiest ways to lessen waste.

Best Reusable Water Bottles So You Can Ditch Single-Use Plastic

Moon Bottles is an Australian stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle

Moon Bottles are an online-only Australian eco brand, challenging us to look at our consumption patterns and move from single-use plastics and disposables to a more sustainable solution. Their founder Lynette Holton is calling for a “Reusable Revolution.”

A small business with a big heart, Moon Bottles are certified carbon neutral and continues to try and reduce its carbon footprint. Five mangrove trees are planted for each Moon product sold, removing an estimated 61.5kg of CO2 annually and providing income for impoverished villages.

With double wall vacuum insulation, Moon water bottles keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Perfect for a day’s diving. Their insulated stainless steel water bottles are made from double-walled 18/8 premium-grade stainless steel. A vacuum seal inside the lid ensures all bottles are 100% leakproof. A fabric bottle bag made from an eco-friendly blend of cotton allows you to protect and transport your drink bottle in style.  Sure of the quality of their products, Moon Bottles offer a lifetime guarantee and easy returns on all orders. 

A Scuba Woman walking on the beach
Water will always be on hand with the Moon travel bag

By donating 10% of their annual profits to the Eden Restoration Projects, Moon Bottles help reduce extreme poverty by employing local people to plant millions of trees yearly. Moon Bottles also donate to local and selected charities as part of the FBA donations program. You may track your impact through Verdn after your purchase. Their mailer bags are either compostable or recyclable.

Empty Nest Diver sitting on stairs at the beach having a coffee in a reusable mug
Sometimes a coffee in a Moon reusable mug is needed before a walk on the beach

Moon Bottles can be your very own custom water bottle with individualized engraving and different finishes to suit all personalities. They also make a 1 l stainless steel bottle for when you want to be guaranteed of having enough water.

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1litre. All bottle tops will fit ice cubes and bases fit most car cup holders, leakproof, lifetime guarantee.


Yuhme Water Bottles a zero-waste water bottle made from sugarcane

Over 1 million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide every minute!! Only 9% of these bottles are recycled. If we all choose to be socially responsible and buy reusable drinking bottles, our oceans, environment, and marine life will thank us.

Yuhme is a company that started by asking themselves the questions we should all be asking ourselves. “How can we make a difference? To ourselves, our children, and to the lives of others?” The two Alexs from Yuhmi recognized that it’s never too late to change things.

Yuhme is a small Swedish company using zero-waste practices. Yuhme’s water bottles are stylish, with clean lines and lovely artwork. They are lightweight (ideal for travel) and dishwasher-safe. Yuhme bottles are made from bio-plastic derived from sugar cane which has a negative CO2 footprint. For every ton of bioplastic produced, 2.4 tons of CO2 is removed. Amazing. Their water bottles are BPA and toxin free and are 100% recyclable.

Yuhme is a brand doing its best to improve the world we leave behind for our children. Yuhme partners with Water for Good to provide the Central African Republic with clean water.

Yuhme bottles are also made by fair trade labor practices, ensuring the workforce is fairly compensated for their work.

Available in 750ml, with a 1.5cm mouthpiece width, dishwasher safe, fits standard car cup holders, flip top lid.

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Glacial Water Bottles-reusable bottles for sustainable water consumption

I like that Glacial has a broad view of their impact; they reduce waste by supplying quality reusable products. Glacial also looks at sustainability in their shipping practices and equality in their employment practices. Holding themselves accountable, they actively follow six of the UN sustainability goals.

Glacial stainless steel water bottles are classy, BPA-free, toxin-free, functional, and reusable. It’s nice to see they make a cute child-sized bottle. Glacial insulated water bottles are made from recycled steel, are condensation free, keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24hrs, and are FDA & LFGB approved.

Glacial use an ISO14001-certified shipping company, and Glacial’s reusable water bottles come in a wide range of finishes, with complimentary engraving. A percentage of each bottle sold supports the World Wild Life Fund Sweden.

Available in 280ml, 400ml, and 600ml, insulated, condensation-free exterior, complimentary engraving.

Aqua Af Bottles Reusable sustainable – Rescuing Sea Turtles

Aqua Af’s goal is to abolish plastic single-use water bottles, believing one person can make a difference and many people a worldly change.

Aqua Af water bottles make a fashionable statement. Made from 100% recyclable and natural materials, they are almost a work of art. Each bottle is hand-made from bamboo and glass and comes with a water-level window and rope handle on the lid.

Giving back to our ocean environment, sea turtles benefit from Aqua Af water bottles. 20% of sales will help sea turtles, funding rescue, rehabilitation, and release projects.

Aqua Af bottles are 600 ml with a choice of a wide-mouth bottle or a small-mouth water bottle. A glass bottle encased by carbonized bamboo they are easy to clean, though be aware that organic bamboo may bruise or split over time, especially if subject to a wet and salty dive boat.

Available in 600ml, glass water bottle with carbonized bamboo cover and lid, water level window.

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Ocean Bottles are reusable Water Bottles that save the oceans

Would you like to prevent 1000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean? Purchasing an Ocean Bottle provides funding for the collection of 1000 plastic bottles before they enter the ocean. Ocean bottles have an excellent design with a dual opening system; the option of a wide mouth makes them diverse a water bottle, with room to include ice while drinking from a small mouth bottle. Ocean reusable water bottles keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks piping hot.

Ocean Bottles actively choose to do good and not harm, financing impoverished coastal communities to collect plastic. Supporting families and communities, Ocean Bottles are making a positive social and environmental impact. For every bottle sold, 11.38kg of plastic is collected. Impressive. Ocean Bottles are made from 90% recycled stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, silicone rubber, and ocean-bound plastic.

I, for one, am happy to support their mission “to bring people together to turn the tide on ocean plastic.”

Ocean Bottles are leakproof, have a no-sweat surface, and are dishwasher safe with a carry handle. I am always happy to support any company that is a certified B Corporation Ocean Bottles are a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

An insulated water bottle Ocean Bottles is multi-use and functional, as you may use the stainless steel water bottle top as a cup. It can soon become a custom water bottle with personalized engraving at an added cost.

Available in 500 ml, insulated, 6 colors, anti-leak seal, dishwasher safe, 10-year warranty, and no sweat surface.

Klean Kanteen is the first reusable water stainless steel water bottle

Klean Kanteen, the creator of the first stainless steel reusable water bottle, is a family and employee-owned certified B corporation. Klean Kanteen insulated bottles start at 12 ounces and get as large as 60 ounces. They have a 64-ounce non-insulated bottle as well as smaller sizes. Depending on what you need from your water bottle, Klean Kanteen offers various lids, wide mouth, screw tops, straw lids, sport, and spout lids, to name a few.

Most importantly, Klean Kanteen believes taking ice cream on a picnic is essential. I am partial to ice cream.

Klean Kanteen is climate neutral and a member of 1%. A bigger company Klean Kanteen is simply leading the way in sustainability. Leading the reusable movement Klean Kanteen focus on plastic pollution, safe consumer products, conservation and climate, and outdoor stewardship. Klean Kanteen has donated over $3.6 million to various causes. They also partner with Leave no Trace helping people care for the outdoors by providing education, skills, and research.

As a leader in reusable water bottles, Klean Kanteen has both insulated and non-insulated bottles. Klean Kanteen also has some big water bottle options, up to 1.8l. With climate lock insulation, drinks may stay cold for up to 145 hours and hot for 47 hrs. (That would be a good dive trip😊). Stainless steel bottles can get a little battered over time; Klean Kanteen has patented Klean Coat ®️ to provide a durable finish for their bottles.

Klean Kanteen has a wide range of bottles – too numerous for me to describe. By interchanging different lids your bottle becomes extremely versatile. Visit Klean Kanteen and browse for yourself. There really is something for everyone.

Various sizes and styles of insulated water bottles and non-insulated water bottles, wide mouth water bottles, 340ml, 455ml, 500ml, 570ml, 710ml, 770ml, 900ml, 1.1l, 1.8l, lifetime warranty.

Rockay reusable eco-friendly water bottle

For every purchase of a Rockay Water Bottle, 77 plastic water bottles are removed from the ocean, saving countless lives of marine animals. An insulated water bottle, Rockay makes its bottles from recycled stainless steel and the lids from recycled plastics. A nice-looking water bottle with a matt finish it comes with a screw-top lid and holds 500ml. The D-ring on the lids makes it easy to carry around.

A stylish bottle that is easy to hold is packaged in a beautiful recycled cardboard cylinder. A work of art in its own right, it can serve a variety of uses. Rockay’s mission “is to empower and educate individuals on simple yet extremely effective ways to reduce plastic waste in our environment, such as using reusable water bottles.”

Available in 500 ml, insulated 2 colors, 1-year warranty, made from recycled steel and recycled plastic

How to clean your reusable water bottle the eco-friendly way

To keep your reusable water bottle clean, fill the bottle with hot water and add a few drops of an environmentally friendly detergent; pop the cap on and give it a good shake. Rinse with water to remove any residual detergent and rinse with warm water. Alternatively, use a mixture of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and water. Pay specific attention to the spout or straw, and don’t forget the outside, base, and around the rim of the lid. Always read the care instructions and rinse and wash your water bottle after each use to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Unless otherwise stated, wash vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles by hand. If your bottles retain the odor of a favorite drink, simply soak them with a mixture of 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water, and 1 tsp baking soda and rinse thoroughly.

With love for our oceans, each company has taken action to address environmental issues that affect us all—creating eco-friendly, zero-waste, recycled, and sustainable products. They know their fin print on our world and choose to do the right thing as best as possible. Significant changes often start with minor changes. Even if you haven’t already, switch to a reusable water bottle.

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