8 good reasons to learn to scuba dive after 50

As I age, I relate to women worldwide as we begin to question our lives and look for more meaning.  Unlike many, I had never known my passion or calling until I discovered scuba diving and became a Senior Scuba Woman at 55. I went on a journey and rediscovered myself through scuba diving.

Diving allows me to let go and just be. Diving is both tranquil and exhilarating – the vistas ever-changing from beautifully colored coral to the mysteries and wonder of the blue.

1st Good Reason to Learn to Scuba Dive after 50-Learn a new Skill

I believe learning new skills keeps our minds active and our bodies young. A PADI Open Water Diver certification will teach a novice scuba diver many new skills and give a Senior Scuba Diver access to boundless opportunities to dive around the world.

Scuba diving instructor teaching student divers in a pool

Some of the skills a PADI-qualified Open Water Scuba Diver learns will stretch your mind and body as you adapt to an environment where it is normal to breathe underwater. A PADI diver is taught to assemble and care for their scuba gear, respect the marine environment, and be a confident scuba diver. Be fascinated as you learn the physiology of diving, what happens to our bodies under water pressure, and how to be safe. As long as you are medically fit and can swim, it is never too late – take the dive and become a PADI Open Water Diver.

2nd Good Reason to Learn to Scuba Dive after 50-Underwater Vistas

Leave the world and worries behind as you descend into an underwater world filled with incredible vistas and exotic marine life. Divers become weightless underwater and blend with their surroundings. Marvel at the diverse life in our oceans and feel the connection.

Slow your breathing, relax, observe, and listen. As a Senior Scuba Woman, I am amazed as I watch rays gracefully sweep past. I delight at the antics of turtles and revel in the myriad of reef fish and all that I see and hear underwater. Adding to the beauty of the vistas are the sounds of fish crunching on coral or the beautiful melody of whale song as it vibrates through your being.

White coral with blue and orange fish

The essence of diving is a joy that fills a scuba diver’s body, and the underwater landscapes are a privilege to see. Dive regularly, and the delight you experience underwater will remain with you on land.

3rd Good Reason to Learn to Scuba Dive after 50-Be Scuba Strong

As a Senior Scuba Diver, I have struggled with the physicality of diving.  I was not unfit or unhealthy, but I grappled with heavy dive equipment and the strength I needed to scuba dive. I have found my passion in scuba diving, and my passion has helped me become scuba strong.

Scuba diving regularly is an enjoyable and exhilarating way to improve physical fitness. Working against the resistance of water improves our strength and cardiovascular fitness. Managing and wearing heavy dive gear improves strength and flexibility and builds muscle. I soon discovered becoming scuba strong was effortless when captivated by an exciting underwater world. It was a real accomplishment as surface swims became easier, scuba tanks appeared lighter, and boat ladders were easier to climb.

A yoga class

As a Senior Scuba Diver, I consciously decided to improve my physical fitness to enhance my diving experience. I made slight changes to my life to become scuba strong. I chose to swim, walk and practice yoga to build my stamina for diving. I added more natural foods to my diet and removed processed foods. Ten minutes of exercise a day soon became twenty and thirty as I enjoyed the benefits of enhanced fitness. I was inspired to exercise to be in the best possible condition to scuba dive. Have a medical and consult your doctor with any concerns.

Live your best life filled with scuba, yoga, healthy foods, and mindfulness.   

4th Good Reason to become a Senior Scuba Diver-Quieten your mind

Scuba diving helps me to be in the present. Being engulfed by the ocean allows Scuba Women to clear their minds and leave the busyness of their life behind. Focusing on dive skills and being at one with nature enables scuba women to be fully present. I am often engulfed by a wave of inner peace as I immerse myself in a dive. The chatter in my mind dissipates as I concentrate on my breath and embrace simply being in the moment. Diving regularly can bring calmness into everyday life and strengthen your mental health.

5th Good Reason to Learn to Scuba Dive after 50-Challenge Yourself

Diving for me has been a life-changing catalyst, a strange juxtaposition, as I meander through the underwater currents. At first, I found diving hard on many levels, both mentally and physically. Perversely, the difficulty of diving was also the attraction. I found diving empowering and liberating as I challenged myself on every dive. As I mastered each skill, no matter how small, my body was filled with joy, and my self-confidence grew.

A Scuba Woman performing a giant stride

My challenges were often small things that come with age – undoing bungee cords, getting in and out of a wetsuit, or climbing a boat ladder. More considerable challenges were confronting anxiety, perfecting my buoyancy, and dealing with the current. I have overcome many challenges, which translate to how I conduct my life on land. In my late fifties, I have become more confident and self-assured with improved health and fitness.

Overcoming challenges, both big and small, has been empowering – I feel that I have become a strong Scuba Woman while I celebrate being a Senior Scuba Diver.

6th Good Reason to Learn to Scuba Dive after 50-Scuba Diving is Fun

Scuba diving is fun. Scuba divers are fun. A beautiful day, a white sandy beach, an exhilarating boat ride to an exotic dive destination. Backward rolling into the water or performing a giant stride.

A Scuba Woman laughing while in the water

Descending into the unknown, never knowing what you are about to encounter. Sharing what you see with other like-minded scuba divers is joyful. Senior Scuba Divers get to experience the exuberance of an adventure shared. The enthusiasm of other scuba divers is contagious.

7th Good Reason to Learn to Scuba Dive after 50-Regain your Youth

Learning to scuba dive at 55 has literally changed my life for the better. At first, I wondered what I was doing trying to breathe underwater, swim in current, and compete with younger divers. When I embraced scuba diving, I rediscovered my youth. Celebrating my 55th birthday as a new diver, my motto has been, “55 is the new 35 when you dive.” My body and mind have listened, and I feel 35.

A Scuba Woman laughing with dive gear on a boat

Rediscover excitement as a Senior Scuba Diver. Each dive is a new and unexpected adventure; no two dives are alike. The diving community is friendly, fun, and positive. Teenagers to octogenarians bond over a shared passion for the ocean. Conversations aren’t about bad bosses and ill health. Lively discussions include the best dive destinations, what you will see, diving jokes, and the fun to be had. Embrace the diving community, bond with strangers, and make friends. Connect with scuba divers that get as excited as you over beautiful fish, delicate corals, and even fat sea cucumbers.

8th Good Reason to Scuba dive after 50-Meet Like Minded Divers

Divers are so diverse, but to date, I have always had lovely interactions.  Especially on the smaller dive boats, everyone is happy, just enjoying being out on the water. The stories are upbeat, with lots of laughs.  Everyone shares a love for nature and the euphoria of being submerged in an entirely different world.

A Scuba Woman and a scuba man waving underwater

I came to diving later in life at 55, thanks to my adult son, Joshua. It has turned out to be a great adventure, challenging at times, and definitely fun. Something I can do alone but never be alone. All dive centers find you a buddy, and you are able to follow guides who know the area, understand the conditions, and know where all the cool stuff is.

Getting to know each as you set up your gear, you are often firm friends with your new dive buddy at the end of the day. Generally, we never talk about careers and assets, just where we’re from, where we’ve dived, equipment, and tips.

A Very Good Reason to Scuba Dive over 50

We all have responsibilities in life, but they do not weigh quite so heavily when you are in a good space mentally and physically. Scuba diving does that for me. My mindset has become more youthful; my attitude is positive and determined.

Pink coral and orange fish

I have found my passion for diving, and my passion has helped me fall in love with the environment of diving, the community of diving, and the support I find.  The salt air and waves, Mother Nature, the excitement of diving into the unknown, the freedom and weightlessness of diving.

It’s never too late – Discover and embrace the scuba diver in you.

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Learning to dive in my fifties has been a great adventure, I am a senior scuba diver but young at heart.

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