Why it’s never too late to get scuba certified

At 55 I had to ask the question – Is it too late for me to get scuba certified? Mature women are flocking to the underwater world in unprecedented numbers, starting their scuba diving adventures later in life. I am one of that number. Maybe we are looking for something more than lunching with the ladies? We want to have fun and experience the beauty of our oceans. We want to stretch our boundaries, learn, grow and challenge ourselves. For many of us we finally have the time to explore the world and who we are. Agencies like PADI accept us as we are, making diving more inclusive, and therefore more appealing. Learning to dive with PADI is exciting and empowering.

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Thanks to PADI and their training it is never too late to get certified.

Learning to dive in my fifties with PADI has been life changing. As a senior scuba diver I have been given an incredible opportunity to be fit, make friends, have adventures, delight in nature, travel and enjoy my life as an Empty Nester.

Why it’s never too late to get scuba certified

Women are proving it’s never too late to get scuba certified

Butterflies flutter in my stomach as I slowly sink below the surface, however I am soon lost in the beauty of our underwater world, forgetting my nerves, I marvel at all that I see. Our dive site is brimming with fish life. It is so much fun! Entranced I feel a bubble of water sneak under the lip of my mask as I spontaneously grin. I can’t believe I am a woman scuba diving. I am a woman scuba diving in my fifties. I completed my open water certification in my fifties. I find scuba diving exhilerating and at times daunting. My open water certification means I will be able to dive in open water with a buddy to a depth of 18 metres. There are hundreds of reasons why it’s never too late to get scuba certified.


Click on the link below as I share my experiences with Sarah Wormald on the PADI blog.

Why it’s never too late to get scuba certified

It’s never too late – TAKE THE DIVE WITH TANYA

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Learning to dive in my fifties has been a great adventure, I am a senior scuba diver but young at heart.

3 thoughts on “Why it’s never too late to get scuba certified

  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for the information and the confidence booster for this nearly empty nester.
    My husband and I are taking a trip to Thailand for his 50th birthday. He has always wanted to learn to dive so we are considering doing a dive course while we are there. He loves water sports. I on the other hand, am not even close to being a good swimmer and have anxiety issues with open water. I am getting better though, I was able to get into the ocean and snorkel a little last time I had the chance. Anxiety aside, one of my greatest dreams is to get the opportunity to swim with whale sharks so I have to continue to conquer my fears.


    1. Hi Ina, if you go to Thailand, find a reputable dive company that you feel comfortable with and maybe do a Discovery Dive. The dive master will stay with you and even hold your hand if you are nervous. Breathe through any panic; it will only be a short, shallow dive but may introduce you to the wonders of diving. Once you connect with the underwater world, hopefully, your anxiety will decrease. I, too, am waiting to swim with Whale Sharks – hopefully, Sailfish next year. I was privileged to swim with Dwarf Minke Whales last year. AMAZING. It changes your very core.


  2. Great write up! Yes I agree, it’s never too late to get certified. We have a dive company in Komodo and we have certified many people over 50 years old and they always love it. Thank you for keeping people inspired to dive!


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