Review Beuchat VRT 90 Regulator

A dive regulator is an important part of your dive gear and is literally your life line. The Beauchat VRT 90 dive regulator is easy to breathe through, even at depth, is comfortable and as an added bonus has flow control.

Beuchat VRT 90 regulator

Easy breathing scuba dive regulator

I love my Beuchat VRT 90, it looks good, it is easy to breathe through, even at depth. I am always good on air, allowing for longer dives.

My mouth never gets tired, I find it really light and comfortable.

A pre dive/dive switch helps prevent free flow, either on the boat or in the water

First and second stage of dive regulator

The first stage is nice and compact and easy to attach and detach

The second stage (regulator/mouthpiece) is balanced meaning it does all the work so my lungs don’t have to

It has 4 low pressure ports & 2 high pressure ports making it easy to spread your hoses out

Large purge button


I never get bubbles in my view, the exhaust tee does an excellent job.

Not a problem for me in sunny Queensland, but for those wanting to dive in cold water it has anti-icing protection.

A great little regulator for a good price

Easy breathing even in extremes


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Learning to dive in my fifties has been a great adventure, I am a senior scuba diver but young at heart.

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