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Fins are an essential part of your dive gear, often bought with a mask and snorkel, fins are one of the first purchases you will make as a diver. When buying fins, consider the different diving fins types, comfort, current, and ease of getting on and off. Would you prefer open-heel fins worn with dive boots or full fins that fit like a shoe? Full fins are usually more lightweight than open heel fins, making them suitable for travel. Full fins are more likely to rub your feet if scuba diving for extended periods. Open heel fins tend to be more comfortable when diving a lot, plus you have the added protection and warmth of the boots if you are diving off-shore in cold weather or protection from hot sand, rocks, or coral.

A scuba woman’s review – dive fins – Oceanic Manta Ray Fins

Inspired by Mother Nature, Oceanic Manta Ray Diving Fins’ design simulates marine animals’ tendons, bones, and fins, the polymer blade construction providing the strength of bone to maximize power, speed & efficiency while still being lightweight & durable.

Using this revolutionary material optimizes propulsion; the advanced technology and flexible material simulate the bio mechanics of marine animals, meaning the Oceanic Manta Ray Fins provide maximum power and performance in all conditions.

{Disclaimer:- I may earn a small commission as an affiliate for some of the products mentioned. For others, I may not; these are businesses that I genuinely believe in, creating a good product while helping save our planet. Did you know Amazon requires their sellers to wrap products in plastic?}

Oceanic Manta Ray Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins

Oceanic Manta Ray Fins are open-heel fins designed to be worn with a 5mm boot. They are light and durable while still providing maneuverability and propulsion. I am not a strong swimmer and love knowing I have the power to manage currents when needed. I find them a comfortable fin to wear, and my legs never tire. At an average weight of 2.2kg, the Manta Rays are light in my luggage. I wear a size small (I am a shoe size 7), and my fins weigh slightly over 1.5kg (3.3lbs).

Oceanic Manta Ray Fins Propulsion, Power and Kicking

The Oceanic Manta Ray fins are designed with a natural angle ideal for parallel kicking. Oceanic states their Power-X System optimizes propulsion by flexing during the downstroke and releasing stored energy prior to the upstroke.

The durable soft rubber in the center power channel of the fin works as a propellant, directing water flow off the back of the blade for improved thrust. Oceanic has placed winglets along the length of the paddle blade of the Manta Ray fins for increased efficiency and improved maneuverability.

The Manta Ray fins come into their own for the frog kick and respond well to helicopter turns and back kicking. I initially had an issue with my calves cramping when I performed a back kick. I am unsure if that was the fault of the fin or me being a senior scuba woman. I exercised to build my calf muscles and rarely have an issue now. Otherwise, I never fatigue and enjoy the flex of the Oceanic Manta Rays. They can be slightly stiff for the flutter kick though not enough to cause concern. As a senior scuba diver, I appreciate how extremely lightweight they are in the water and the power they give me with little effort.

Oceanic Manta Ray Fins Easy Buckle Adjustment System

I find the Oceanic Manta Ray Fins very comfortable to wear and love their newly designed heel strap. The soft-pad heel and rubber-coated spring strap make the Manta Ray a comfortable fin to wear when scuba diving. Balancing on a dive boat or negotiating a moving boat ladder in rough water, the stainless steel spring strap and ergonomic finger loop make it easy to pull the fins on and off, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves.

I haven’t had to adjust my spring strap though the Easy Buckle Adjustment System has 3 settings on each side with up to 5cm (2 inches) of adjustments, ensuring a comfortable fit without using tools. The rubber pull strap slides on the spring, enabling adjustment on one side while keeping the finger loop center.

The spring strap also allows for changes of boot thickness due to variations in depth, keeping the fin secure and comfortable at all times.

Oceanic Manta Ray Fins 6 Color Choices

Oceanic Manta Ray Fins have a paddle blade and come in an excellent range of colors, something to suit every scuba woman. I think the sea blue and white and the pink and white are particularly lovely for scuba women. I decided on white and pink. The white stands out nicely in the water and is easy for my buddy to see, and they look fantastic. (So much so that they are part of my logo). They are easy to differentiate on a dive boat when lots of fins are bundled together. After diving, I wash my scuba diving fins in fresh water, dry them in the shade, and lay them flat when not used.

What Features do Oceanic Manta Ray Fins have?

  • Replicate the bio mechanics of marine animals
  • Techno polymer blade to maximize power speed and efficiency
  • Power x system optimizing propulsion
  • Centre power channel directs water flow for increased thrust
  • Soft pad heal strap and ergonomic finger loop
  • Winglets to improve efficiency and maneuverability
  • Depth Compensating Spring Strap -compress-to-changes in thickness of boots

Are Oceanic Manta Ray Fins good for Scuba Women?

An excellent overall fin that performs well in current. I have a fin that can give me power when needed, without tiring my legs. They are very comfortable and super quick to put on and take off. I can put them on standing up without bending over, and I can pull them off easily when hanging off a moving boat. They do an excellent job propelling me during dives.

Oceanic Manta Ray Fins Open Heel Size Chart

I wear a size 7 shoe and own the small fin.

EURO SHOE SIZE37-3939-4444-4646+
US/AUS WOMEN’S SHOE SIZE7-99-1212-1414+
US/AUS MEN’S SHOE SIZE5-77-1010-1212+

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