Review 6 Things you should know about Cressi R1 BCD

A BCD or Buoyancy Control Device helps you float in the water and adjust your buoyancy under water. It can be one of last items on your dive gear shopping list. Take advantage of hire gear and see what features you like in a BCD and what is comfortable.

Cressi R1 Buoyancy Control Device for women that scuba

The Cressi R1 is light making it ideal for travel and easy to carry. None of us want to be lugging heavy gear.

Jacket Style BCD lightweight for travel

I like the jacket style and find it very comfortable to wear. The Velcro cummerbund keeps everything fitting securely so there is no movement when you’re diving. It also has an adjustable waist clip. The shoulder straps are padded and the harness has quick-release buckles and adjustable straps on the shoulders, chest ensuring a comfortable fit and making it easy to get on and off. A padded rigid back plate provides comfort with a built in handle making it easy to carry. I use the handle to shake the tank to ensure everything is secure before I dive.

Flat Lock Integrated Weight System

It took me a little while to get use to the integrated weight system. You must click the pockets into place or you risk losing them.  Simply hold the pocket up and gravity does the work for you. I love them now, they’re easy to pull out and pass up and you are not setting up a weight belt. I also find it helps with my trim.   Remember to listen for the click!

Three Release Valves

The Cressi R1 has three release valves on both shoulders and the right kidney. They are my favorite feature, allowing you to dump an air. I have had buoyancy issues with BCD’s and trapped air but never with the Cressi. Found on the left and right shoulders and right kidney. The low pressure hose has a large inflate button and deflate button. It has two 2 pre bent alloy D-rings on the shoulder straps for accessories.

Extremely Strong

The Cressi R1 is made from 500-Denier Cordura which is an extremely strong material and with the added bonus of an anti-sand design. Mine is wearing extremely well.

Pockets in Cressi R1 BCD

It has two large, zipped pocket on either side of the jacket. I keep my SMB and whistle in one but do find them awkward to get at when I am under water. They are good to provide extra padding when you’re travel to protect more delicate dive gear.

For the price I think it is a great BCD for women, light and comfortable.


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