Review 9 Things you should know about Mares She Dives Flexa 5.4.3 Wetsuit

A good fitting wetsuit will keep you comfortable and protected through out your dive. My sister prefers to hire her wetsuits as she believes each dive center has the the right wetsuit for their dive conditions. I find the 5ml is a good all rounder, I like my own because I know the fit. I do feel the cold but can add thermals during winter and in Summer I wear either my wetsuit or if the water is really warm I wear my Mares She Dives Protection Suit.

Mares She Dives Flexa 5.4.3 wetsuit looks good on

The Mares She Dives Flexa 5.4.3 is black with red panels, shaped to flatter your figure. Mares does this really well. Their other suits and protection vests also have the nice bright cutouts. I like bright red at the surface – the easier you are to see the better.  It looks smart on.

Mares Flexa 5.4.3 is a warm wetsuit

The Mares is suitable for temperate diving conditions. I find it a warm wetsuit with 5ml at your core. I still need an undervest once the water gets down to 20 degrees but I do feel the cold.

Mares She Dives Flexa is a comfortable wetsuit

Once on it is easy to move around in.  I like that it has a front full-length zip, slightly off center. It’s easy to do up and you can have it unzipped on the boat, keeping you cool.

Mares Flexa 5.4.3 features a mini safety whistle

The zip toggle is also a tiny safety whistle. 

Mares She Dives Flexa has a custom closure Velcro system

Custom Velcro on the neck doesn’t flap when you’re in the wind and have your suit unzipped. It provides a good seal when closed. 

Mares She Dives Flexa 5.4.3 features a Glide System

The glide system around the zip, neck, wrists, and ankles helps prevent water sneaking in, keeping you warmer, though I find it hard to slip over my wrists and ankles.  Putting socks on first make it a lot easier.

Features padded back & shoulders

An additional layer of neoprene on the back and shoulders provides extra comfort and protection whilst wearing your BCD and tank.

Features D-Clip

It does have a d-clip on your right leg for gloves or hood when not in use.

Features optional pocket

I purchased the optional pocket secured with Velcro and the d-clip.  The pocket has a bungee, providing extra security for anything you attach.  I quite often attach my computer for the boat trip until I’m fully kitted up. If you’re underweighted it provides easy access for an extra weight. I have found the pocket to be really useful. It keeps your camera safe whist on the boat, or you can pop your gloves or hood in there until you need them. It helps keep everything together.


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