Scuba Diving Grateful

Scuba Diving in my life

Two years of diving have brought so much into my life. I always say yes to opportunities to dive, and I have been rewarded with unique experiences, great relationships, amazing dives, travel, courage, strength, connection, and achievement. I value family and friendship, and the buoyant time we have together. I am fortunate to have my sister and son as dive buddies. From scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, staying on liveaboard boats, or venturing to dive the chilly waters of Portsea Pier, Victoria, I embrace being a woman scuba diver.

I have just come back from a liveaboard trip scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. As a woman scuba diving in my 50s, I clean my dive gear and reflect on my journey so far. I have been on a liveaboard boat for four days, connecting with my sister and dive buddy as we shared a cabin. Over the four days, we dived, we laughed, we snorkeled, we ate, and then we dived some more. In our busy lives, we do not often get a chance to connect one on one with those closest to us, I am grateful for the quality time we had together scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef.

Say yes to scuba diving

We were aboard the liveaboard boat specifically to see the Coral Spawning on the Great Barrier Reef. As I review video footage and photos, I am so grateful and privileged to be able to witness a wonder of nature – Coral Spawning on the Great Barrier Reef. I am struck by how lucky I am to be one of the elite few to see the beauty of the Coral Spawning. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Learning to scuba dive

My son Josh introduced me to diving, and I am grateful. I love having a common interest with him, and I love that he includes me in his plans. I say yes even when it is diving the Darwin Harbour, shipwrecks, deep, and poor visibility. I am better for the experience. Thanks to Joshua, I have flown to the Mornington Peninsula for the weekend to see Weedy Sea Dragons and spend the afternoon at a winery. We snorkeled with Dwarf Minke Whales together and dived the Cod Hole, the SS Yongala, and the HMAS Brisbane. He was the first person I called when I dived with Grey Nurse Sharks

World-class dives

In my brief time as a woman diving, I have completed world-class dives. The SS Yongala, The HMAS Brisbane, Wolf Rock, Steve’s Bommie, and the Cod Hole. Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, I have seen coral spawning, been chased by Titan Trigger Fish, been engulfed by schools of fish, and chilled with turtles. I have had eye-to-eye contact with an eight-ton Dwarf Minke Whale and checked out cuttlefish as they checked me out. I have been surrounded by Grey Nurse Sharks, watched the gracefulness of an Eagle Ray, and so much more.

I am grateful for all that scuba diving has brought into my life. I am glad I realized it’s never too late to get scuba certified.

It’s never too late – TAKE THE DIVE WITH TANYA – helping women scuba dive confidently.

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