Small Steps to a Giant Stride Diving Health

As a woman scuba diving, who happens to be in her fifties, I am naturally interested in the health benefits of scuba diving. I chose a gentle approach to my scuba diving health and well-being, making small changes to my day-to-day life. As a woman diver in her fifties, my fitness and health needed to be improved to benefit me as a woman scuba diving. It was hard to know where to start, and I found it overwhelming. I decided to start small and build my strength and fitness one fin at a time. I wanted to improve my diving health and benefit from a healthier lifestyle. By simply adding clean unprocessed food to my diet, short meditations, and stretching to my day, I began to feel good, and my health improved. Learn more about my journey as an older woman scuba diving, taking small steps to improve my diving health.

I am a Woman Scuba Diving in my fifties

I was not ecstatic about getting older, but I was relaxing into it and its’ limitations. Sliding into middle age, I was a little dumpy, a little unfit, a little arthritic, stiff, and sore. Life was a little mundane; however, I no longer felt the pressure for the perfect body, the need for a gym workout, or a strict diet. I was, after all, a woman in my fifties…….

……..and then I learned to dive.

I am now a woman scuba diving, and I love it. I do struggle with carrying and wearing heavy dive gear, so I needed to make some changes.

I started with small steps, and now I am making giant strides.

Scuba diving health benefits – Scuba Strong

Small steps over time become routine. I consciously make the decision to turn back time. My mantra is, “Fifty-five is the new thirty-five when you dive.” I plan to enjoy thirty-five this time around; last time, I was too busy working and raising kids. I am going to lean in and enjoy the dive. I am going to be a strong woman scuba diving!

I intend to be a strong scuba woman diver, but I want it to be a sustainable way of life. I am doing this for me because I want to. I am not beating myself up or making myself miserable. I am designing my life the way I want it to be. Being on the beach, being on boats, being in the water and under the water, and diving at different sites are the health benefits of scuba diving. I want to be able to keep up and enjoy it all.

Improve Your Dive Health with a Turmeric Latte One Sip at a Time

I enjoy a good coffee in the morning. I have added turmeric, pepper, and honey to my morning brew. I enjoy the pungent taste of the turmeric and the spice of the pepper. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, the pepper activates the turmeric, and the honey makes it palatable. I am hoping it will help with arthritis in my hands.

Morning coffee EMPTY NEST DIVER
Starting the day with a turmeric latte

A small step – diving health – I stretch

I stretch as I wait for my coffee, I stretch in the shower, I stretch while I watch tv, I stretch hanging out the washing. I stretch whenever I can. These small stretches are making me feel better already. I am going to be such a flexible woman, scuba diving with ease.

A small step – diving health – I walk

I have always enjoyed walking, so walking on the beach or on a walking track is no hardship for me. I park the car further away from the shops, so I have to walk further. I walk around my garden. I have a very steep driveway, I walk down to get the mail, and more importantly, I walk back up! Find what you enjoy and do it – swim, dance, dive, cycle, skip, laugh, and play.

Footprints in the sand EMPTY NEST DIVER

Small Step – I juice

My diet has not been good for a long time; I do not enjoy cooking, love chocolate, and have always been time-poor, so anything that microwaves have been the norm.

I add fresh juice to my diet and find I really enjoy my morning addition; it feels like a burst of goodness to my body.

I spend hours looking up juice recipes, but you know what? I throw in whatever I like. Carrot, celery, and apple is a classic. I like the earthy taste of adding beetroot every now and again. Pears sweeten, and ginger is anti-inflammatory. I go for as many colors as I can. Cucumber, watermelon, and mint are great thirst quenchers. I experiment with different fruits and vegetables. Some recipes taste better than others; they are all good for me.

A small step – a smoothie a day – diving health check

A smoothie is an effortless way to get goodness into your body, is easily absorbed, filling, and refreshing. Play around and use seasonal fruit and vegetables. My current favorite is mango, pineapple, blueberries, banana, silverbeet, and coconut water. I add a scoop of super greens to help detox.

Healthy smoothie EMPTY NEST DIVER
Smoothies are an easy way to absorb nutrients

A small step – I meditate – scuba diving mental health

For me, the best time to meditate is first thing in the morning. Choose your time, and be comfortable and consistent. You are allowed to sit in a lounge chair; you do not have to contort your body. I count breaths or listen to a guided meditation. Breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your nose, and count one. Do two rounds of ten and then reverse it. Count one before you breathe in, breathe out, and two more rounds of ten. Meditation can be daunting – set a timer – keep it short to start. 5 minutes a day. Find your Zen; it’s a nice place to be.

I meditate – picturing in my mind’s eye a strong, healthy woman scuba diving incredible dive sites all around the world.

Balanced stones on a beach EMPTY NEST DIVER
Meditate and find your calm

Small steps – diving health check -big changes

I am feeling better and want to do more. My body loves the juices and smoothies, and I find I no longer crave chocolate or want processed food. For someone who hated cooking, I have done a complete 360. I feel happy as I prepare a variety of fruit and vegetables, my senses responding to the bright colors and smells. I discover herbs and spices. I am the queen of stir-fries and wholesome soups. Quick, easy, delicious, and nutritious.

Giant Stride – exercise more – diving health

My body is starting to feel better. I am ready to up the exercise. I reacquaint myself with Jane Fonda’s 1982 workout. I never thought I would be “making it burn” ever again. This time around, it is not a chore; I am loving it. I haven’t progressed passed the beginners version, it is more than enough. I celebrate the stiffness of exercise and find yoga and Pilates routines I can do at home. My body is transforming. I am starting to lose my “batwings,” but more importantly, I am feeling strong, flexible, and vibrantly healthy. I am developing muscles and getting toned. Woman Diver, here me roar – I am scuba strong.

Woman exercising to Jane Fonda Workout

Giant stride -meditate more

I now meditate morning and night. I find meditation comes naturally as I dive, submerged and weightless. On-land meditation was something I should do; now, it is an integral part of my life, something I want and need to do. Meditation slows my racing mind, and grounds and relaxes me.

Giant stride – have more fun

I now intend to enjoy life. If I look silly, so be it. There is something very liberating about being able to genuinely laugh at your ineptness. In the safe environment of my fellow divers, I look at myself differently, accepting who I am and where I am but also striding towards who I will become. I find I appreciate life so much more when I am feeling good. I love being a woman scuba diving, I love my upbeat diving community, and surround myself with positive people who enjoy a laugh.

Diver entering water EMPTY NEST DIVER
Literally falling off the boat as I laugh – still holding my mask and reg, though!

Giant stride -scuba diving health

Scuba Strong Woman Diver. My giant stride often gets wobbly, and I slip – (literally falling off the boat!!) I can, however, lift a tank and climb a boat ladder – not only with my gear on but with my integrated weights still in. It has been a journey, one I plan to continue. I am genuinely proud when I get back to the boat after a 60-minute dive and still have 100 bar of air or more. The arthritis in my hands has completely gone. I am feeling good, strong, happy, and healthy. I am a woman scuba diving, and I am embracing the lifestyle that goes with it and the changes I have made.

Small steps to a giant stride – big changes.

It’s never too late – TAKE THE DIVE WITH TANYA – Helping women dive confidently

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