8 Great environmental brands for the eco-friendly scuba woman

As a scuba woman I choose to be a conscious consumer

As an eco friendly scuba woman, do you want to live more sustainably but don’t know where to start? Scuba diving is a portal into a fragile underwater world filled with beautiful coral reefs and marine life needing our protection. Purchasing from and supporting environmentally friendly businesses helps conserve our oceans and all that dwell within them.

As a scuba woman and advocate for our wonderful planet, I choose to support sustainable, ethical, zero waste, and eco friendly businesses. It is sometimes difficult to know where to start, especially with greenwashing and misleading unregulated labels. To make it easier for the eco friendly scuba woman, I have listed 8 of my favorite environmentally friendly sustainable brands below.

With a shared love for our oceans, each of the below brands has taken action to address environmental issues that affect us all—creating eco-friendly, zero waste, recycled, and sustainable products. Aware of their fin print on our world they choose to do the right thing as best as possible. These eco friendly brands all wish to leave the planet in a better place; with inspiring initiatives, they are committed to making a difference. I list businesses that manufacture ethically and responsibly, recycle, and package sustainably. Environmentally friendly companies striving to be the best they can, improving their finprint, and embracing positive growth and opportunities to change for the better.

{Disclaimer:- I may earn a small commission as an affiliate for some of the products mentioned. For others, I may not; these are businesses that I genuinely believe in, creating a good product while helping save our planet. Did you know Amazon requires their sellers to wrap products in plastic?}

Learning to dive at 55, my eyes were opened to a delicate, beautifully complex undersea world. My diving experience was life-changing, and I wanted to share the message with women worldwide – “It is never too late to find your passion, be adventurous, and be you.” I want to help senior women scuba dive with confidence. My mission now is to help senior women scuba dive with confidence and live an eco-friendly, sustainable life.

A scuba woman snorkelling above yellow coral
Fragile underwater ecosystem

This blog introduces small companies that significantly impact our oceans and environment for the better. I am passionate about supporting our environment and hope to make it easy for every scuba woman to be a conscious shopper and care for our planet.

Table of contents

A sea of plastic – save our coral reefs – ditch single use plastics

Plastic is light, cheap, versatile, and easy to manufacture, but at what cost? Over 1 million marine animals die each year due to plastic, 90% of seabirds have eaten plastic, and 100 % of turtles tested have ingested plastics. We create 380 million tonnes of plastic a year, approximately 50% of which is single use. Thrown away without a thought. The figures astound me and, to be honest, make me feel ill. I am auditing my life and looking at my choices. As scuba women, more thoughtful lifestyle options can make a difference.

A sea of plastic waste

As scuba divers and consumers, rethinking how we live will positively impact Earth. On average, each of us produces 400kg of waste every year. By making a few simple changes in our lives (ditch single-use plastic), we will be helping the planet. Everywhere we travel, we see plastic pollution. Ten million tons of plastic contaminate our oceans annually. We believe we are recycling our plastics, but only 9% of plastics are actually recycled.

As a senior scuba woman, I am delighted to list below wonderful brands and products that are a ray of light in what can be a sea of daunting facts. With the realization of finite resources and climate change, these brands protect rather than damage nature, taking responsibility for their actions and processes. Sustainable businesses creating fashionable, high-quality products.

RubyMoon – Swim to Gym for scuba women

RubyMoon is an empowered and inspirational company effectively changing women’s lives and serving the planet.

A Social Enterprise For Women Powered by Women

RubyMoon transforms ocean waste into beautiful Gym To Swim clothing while donating 100% of their profit into micro-loans for women entrepreneurs globally.
RubyMoon has helped over 1200 impoverished women, and their families see a way forward.

Ruby Moons’ founder Jo-Anne Godden wants to eliminate the pollution and waste caused by the fashion industry. Jo-Anne created the world’s first and only wholly circular, not-for-profit swim and activewear brand. Producing high-quality products made from ocean waste, her team donates 100% of their profits back to women in developing countries in the form of microloans.

RubyMoon’s garments are made from recycled nylon waste – think fishing nets, carpet, and fabric scraps. Completely circular, every segment of the business is being held accountable. They are certified to have 42% fewer carbon emissions when compared to similar products. RubyMoon are advocates for driving social progress by producing quality, durable products in ethical and environmentally safe conditions by women for women.

The resulting apparel is soft, durable, vegan, salt water and chlorine resistant, with  UPF 50+ Protection. A transparent supply chain and 100% recycled and biodegradable mailing bags make a difference to our environment. I am a massive fan of RubyMoon.

Become an “Impact Woman” when you VISIT RUBYMOON

Moon Bottles – Reusable bottles for a scuba woman

Re-usable water bottles are one of the easiest ways to lessen waste. Moon Bottles challenge us to look at our consumption patterns and move from single-use plastics and disposables to a more sustainable solution. In their founder’s words, a “Reusable Revolution.”

An online-only Australian eco brand,  Moon Bottles founder Lynette Holton saw first-hand the problem of single-use plastics as she traveled the world. The solution – create a high-quality, 100% reusable alternative guaranteed to last a lifetime. For each person that aims for the moon and purchases a Moon Bottle, 156 plastic bottles are saved from being thrown away each year. 

Moon Bottles insulated stainless steel water bottles are made from double-walled 18/8 premium stainless steel. They keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Perfect for a day’s diving. Sure of the quality of their products, Moon Bottles offer a lifetime guarantee and easy returns on all orders. A vacuum seal on the inside of the lid ensures all bottles are 100% leakproof.

A small business with a big heart, Moon Bottles have recently been certified carbon neutral and continues to try and reduce their carbon footprint. Five mangrove trees are planted in Madagascar, Mozambique, or Kenya for each Moon product sold, removing an estimated 61.5kg of CO2 annually and providing income for impoverished villages.

Moon Bottles come in a range of finishes, a finish for every personality, and can become uniquely your own through custom engraving.

Moon Bottles are carbon neutral

Shoot for the moon and VISIT MOON BOTTLES

Stream2Sea – Sun and skin care for scuba women

Stream2Sea is the only mineral sunscreen tested and proven safe for freshwater and saltwater fish, C. elegans, and coral larvae. They are proudly certified by HEL Labs Protect Land + Sea.  When I look at an eco-friendly business, I like to see them building a sustainable business model with a positive environmental impact. Stream2Sea has done just that and uses only sustainable and eco-friendly packaging on their products.    

Body Care Banner

Stream2Sea is a fully rounded, environmentally conscious company with fabulous marine-friendly skin care products. Founded by Autumn Blum to protect our vulnerable marine ecosystems, Stream2Sea initially focused on reef-safe sunscreens. Stream2Sea’s range of products has expanded to include a skincare range for sensitive skin. Products include body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, moisturizers, and sanitizers. All products are reef safe and environmentally friendly, receiving consistently positive reviews from consumers. My personal favorite is a leave-in conditioner by Stream2Sea. It leaves my hair silky soft, and shiny. I am keen to try their Super Hydration Squalene sourced from 100% sustainable plants (not sharks).

Shark Free Squalane Banner

Shark-free seal of approval, certified protect land and sea, Naui green diver initiative, and 1% for the planet.

Be crazy for coral and VISIT STREAM2SEA

Waterlust – Apparel for the active scuba woman

Waterlust has a unique story, initially founded by ocean science graduate students to help fund research, educate the world about environmental conservation, and create ethical, eco-friendly, fashionable products. I first fell in love with Waterlust when looking for solutions for divehair. Waterlust is a small family-run business doing right by eco-friendly scuba divers and water enthusiasts.

A diverse group of men and women wearing Waterlust apparel

Their Advocate Apparel evolved as a canvas to convey science’s stories, advocating for our marine life. Waterlust hopes to create a conversation each time one of their garments is worn. Their fashionable clothing range is inspired by the cause it is associated with; creating unique, beautiful prints. Made from recycled plastics, 10% of profits are donated to the relevant marine cause.

There are many lovely prints to decide from; I am partial to the parrotfish print supporting reef relief. Another favorite of mine is their sunmasks, offering excellent sun protection. Their swim leggings are some of the best that you will find, and as a side note, I love the diversity of women represented on their website.

Help fund research and educate VISIT WATERLUST

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Kooshoo – combat dive hair with ethical hair ties

“look good. feel good. do good. “

I like the sound of Kooshoo already. The perfect solution for keeping hair under control while still advocating for the planet. With plastic-free hair ties, scrunchies and headbands, Kooshoo offers style without compromise.

The founders of Kooshoo, Rachel, and Jesse, learned about conscious consumerism when they witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by satisfying Western consumption in Borneo. In one of many light bulb moments, Rachel and Jesse decided to make a small change for a significant impact. On a journey of discovery, they learned about zero waste and plastic-free, organic natural materials, supply chains, fair wages, and ethical treatment as they created Kooshoo.

Kooshoo hair ties come in various beautiful colors, their website highlighting the hair colors they suit. I have two headbands on the way and can’t wait to try them on my next dive trip. I’ll personally review them when I update my post on dive hair. They are soft, comfortable, functional, and flattering from what I have read.

With a modern take on an old favorite Kooshoo scrunchies are 100% Fairtrade, plastic-free, zero waste, and made from organic cotton and tree rubber; Kooshoo scrunchies won’t damage your hair.

Pela Phone Cases – perfect for a scuba woman

For better or worse, phones and technology are part of our lives, and most of us protect our phones with a case. Unfortunately, we also throw away 1.5 billion phone cases every year as we update and change our phones. Like so many, Pelas’s story began when its founder Jeremy Lang saw plastic’s damage to our oceans while on a family vacation. As a father, Jeremy wanted to protect his children’s future by preserving the planet.


Pela’s mission is a waste-free future. I can get on board with their vision. Recognizing the amount of plastic waste technology and phones generate, Pela phone cases are made from Flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer. They are the first phone cases to be 100% compostable.  

Pela Case - The Compostable Phone Case

As the company has grown, they have expanded their product line to include smart watch bands, AirPods cases, and sunglasses. By selling compostable mobile phone cases, Pela is combatting the problem of plastic phone cases. Over 587,280 pounds of plastic have been prevented from entering landfills. Pela designs cases to fit Apple, Samsung, and Google phones. Help reduce waste by protecting your phone for longer with a compostable phone case. Pela donates to worthwhile causes that keep our oceans and coastlines clean and healthy, is certified climate neutral, and is a certified B corporation.

If you too want to do better VISIT PELA

Huppy Tooth Tablets – bright smile for scuba women

As I get older, I ask more questions about how I conduct myself daily. Cleaning my teeth is something I have done all my life without much thought except for wanting to stay away from the dentist’s chair. What chemicals are we ingesting as we clean our teeth daily? What happens to our toothpaste tubes? Once again, we are discarding over 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes each year.

Huppy is yet another small company looking at the big picture. Inspired by a plastics-free future and a love for the ocean, Huppy was founded by David Phan and Cathy Tran. Made from vegan and non-GMO ingredients, their toothpaste tablets keep plaque away and naturally whiten teeth. Simply pop their toothpaste tablet into your mouth, chew, brush and rinse.

Huppy products are 100% plastic free, their ingredients are sustainable, natural, and ethically sourced, their packaging is compostable or recyclable, and they offer a refillable case. Huppy donates 2% of its revenue to sustainability initiatives. Huppy only ships to the US at present. Did I mention they have a great product?

Certified B Corporation is pending

If you want happier, healthier smiles, VISIT HUPPY

Indosole Shoes – recycled footwear for scuba women

Each pair of Indosole shoes is ethically handmade, tackling the pollution caused by the 1.5 billion tires discarded each year. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Indonesian craftsmen and the passion of Indosoles founder Kyle Parsons tires are being turned into durable, fashionable footwear. Indosole shoes are vegan, made with organic cotton, repurposed, and natural materials.

Indosole shoes are crafted in Bali using hand-operated machinery leaving no carbon footprint. Indosole has researched and developed their own Sole Engineered Tire Technology (SETT®), enabling them to break down discarded tires into a fine powder which is then reset with natural and recycled rubber. 

Indosole are a certified B corporation

If you desire high-quality sustainable footwear, VISIT INDOSOLE

Environmental brands for the eco-friendly scuba woman

We all see the world changing rapidly before our eyes. I frequently ask myself what part do I play in the changes? My actions make a difference to me, my community, and the world. My choices make a difference. As a scuba woman, I choose to make a positive difference. I have been inspired by researching this post and hope to make it easier for all scuba women to support ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly companies.

It’s never too late – TAKE THE DIVE WITH TANYA

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